Rise in job satisfaction against backdrop of government spending cuts suggests ‘fixed grin’ has returned to workplace, particularly in public sector, says CIPD survey

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Job satisfaction has shown a surprise increase across UK workplaces during the Autumn, according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development’s (CIPD) quarterly Employee Outlook survey, suggesting that the ‘fixed grin’ phenomenon identified by the survey during the recession has returned. The survey of over 2,000 employees represents a bleak picture of employee attitudes throughout the UK, following the ...

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Leading UK companies get stay of execution over equality for female directors


Major companies are expected to be given two years to increase the number of women in boardrooms before tougher measures are considered. According to reports this week, an inquiry headed by Lord Davies, former trade minister and ex-Standard Chartered chief executive, has concluded that FTSE 100 companies should not yet face quotas forcing them to break the glass ceiling. He ...

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Major merger on the cards for technology giants

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Rumours have resurfaced of a huge merger between Microsoft and Nokia. The two massive names in the technology market first hinted at joining up last year, and now Nokia has announced that it will be putting a Windows operating system on their new smart phones. In return, Microsoft will integrate Nokia services into its own. It could lead to what ...

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CV lists God as a reference


A job applicant has listed a powerful referee on his CV – God. The well-connected candidate said The Almighty would be happy to give him a reference if the company wanted to know more about him. The ambitious claim was just one of many strange admissions according to a survey by careerbuilder.co.uk. According to the report, one candidate said he ...

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Superbrands lure in top talent


The HR departments of Rolls-Royce, PricewaterhouseCoopers and Blackberry could have their pick of the talent after being named as ‘superbrands’. Rolls-Royce was this week revealed as the top ‘superbrand’, for the first time since 2007, in a top ten that also included Microsoft, Visa and Apple. Compiled by The Centre for Brand Analysis, which reflects the views of a panel ...

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Interview: ‘Many HR depts don’t know enough about their organisations’


Many HR departments fail to add real value because they don’t know enough about their own organisations, according to a leading HR and leadership expert. Chris Roebuck, professor of transformational leadership at Cass Business School, says that only a fraction of HR teams know key information about what their organisation has to do to deliver top quality to customers. He ...

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Royal wedding will force some tricky HR decisions

Britain's Prince William and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wave from the balcony of Buckingham Palace after the Royal Wedding in London Friday, April, 29, 2011.

The royal wedding and a run of bank holidays could create a strain on resources for organisations next month. The combination of Easter, the marriage of Kate and Wills, and May Day means organisations could be hit if employees want to turn it into an 11-day holiday. Many businesses are already expecting to see a drop in productivity similar to ...

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Extreme physical exercise give leaders the edge


Keeping in top physical shape is giving leaders the edge in the boardroom. More and more top professionals – particularly women – are turning to tough physical pursuits as a way of strengthening their careers. On top of already heavy schedules, leaders are signing up for triathlons, marathons and 10k runs, believing that pushing themselves to the physical limit also ...

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HR Business Network members among the best


The Best Companies to Work For 2011 list has been announced, and many HR Business Network members are high in the charts. This year’s rankings have been published in the Sunday Times, looking at leadership, well-being and opportunities for personal growth within organisations. Boots Opticians topped the ‘big companies’ list, UKRD Group Limited was ranked number one for ‘mid companies’, ...

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Dave Ulrich: Does HR add strategic value?


HR Business Network has partnered with Director to bring you exclusive news and features you won’t read in any other magazine. And to launch the partnership, this week we bring you an interview with world-renowned US management consultant Dave Ulrich, who explains why HR hasn’t embraced the business partner model in the way he’d hoped. Few directors make the journey ...

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Employee engagement is vital for HR success

HR Success

Employee engagement is the hottest topic in HR today, according to leaders throughout the country. The results of the latest HR Business Network poll have revealed that engagement is the top priority for more than a third of those surveyed. Some 35 per cent of voters said it was the crucial element of HR to get right, followed by 24 ...

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The end of the public versus private sector divide?


The traditional labels of ‘public’ and ‘private’ sector need to be put to one side if local government is to survive the budget cuts, to according to a leading HR and leadership expert. Chris Roebuck, professor of transformational leadership at Cass Business School, says that the traditional definitions could actually be a hindrance when trying to develop a sustainable model ...

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Who will be the biggest employers by 2016?


The IT and technology industries will be where the top jobs are in five years’ time. That’s according to HR Business Network members, who say that the industry will see the biggest growth in personnel. It was ranked first with 31 per cent of the votes, above healthcare in second place with 17 per cent. Both the manufacturing and media ...

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HR and the fight against fraud


HR teams needs to make fraud prevention a key part of their responsibilities. That’s according to David Chernick, an expert on insider threats, specialising in employment screening, identity crime and security. He spoke exclusively to HR Business Network this week, and said no organisation is immune from staff crime. David is chairman of PREFIT, a not-for-profit network of police, counter ...

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Employee Engagement Taskforce announced


Marks and Spencer HR director Tanith Dodge had told HR Business Network that the newly launched Employee Engagement Taskforce aims to create a more productive workforce. The HR director is also a network member, and spoke about the government’s announcement at Downing Street this week. She will be part of the taskforce, and told this website: “Harnessing the full potential ...

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Andrew Tanner – a snapshot


When calling 3G’s head of leadership and development, Andrew Tanner, the standard ‘ring ring’ is replaced by Rolling Stones’ Miss You, an upbeat way to start an insightful interview… Starting out as a school teacher and having moved into various L&D roles, Tanner has always surrounded himself with people he can educate, guide or train and this has been a continuing ...

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The four corners of engagement


Employee engagement is one of those issues that is constantly evolving with a need for nurturing, maintaining and developing. Henley Business School’s latest research illustrates the importance of understanding your people and recommends an integrated approach to achieving results. It was once thought line managers (1) were the only driver in ensuring employees are engaged but the latest research reveals ...

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AIB: Identifying and developing credible leaders


AIB Group is Ireland’s leading banking and financial services organisation, with more than 24,000 employees. It operates principally in Ireland, Britain, the USA and Poland. Simon Boulcott, Head of Human Resources, and Bernie Braniff, Head of Learning & Development for the UK business, provide insight into AIB’s leadership development strategy. Leadership transition is personal Successfully identifying and nurturing future leaders ...

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AstraZeneca: Change management must be a core HR capability


As one of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals companies, AstraZeneca’s 67,000-strong team works across international and technical boundaries to create innovative treatments for some of the most significant and serious medical conditions. Having spent more than 17 years at the company, Hiedi Bourne, Strategy and Business Excellence Director for Global HR Services, talks to the Sunday Times HR Business Network about ...

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Human resources departments: I’ve never understood the point of them


If there’s one lesson that has been provided by the economic turmoil of recent months, it is that if there’s an aspect of business that seems opaque, something you don’t quite understand, the chances are that you’re not the only one and you should spit it out. And it is in the spirit of this new age of frankness that ...

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Take the moral lead


After the Chancellors announcement at the Labour party conferences about bringing in legislation to minimise risk and stop reckless culture many would assume that the future of our banks is secure. Sadly this is far from the truth, the headlong rush to bring in legislation from all sides assumes that legislation alone can minimise risk, it cant, as history clearly ...

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