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CV lists God as a reference

A job applicant has listed a powerful referee on his CV – God.

The well-connected candidate said The Almighty would be happy to give him a reference if the company wanted to know more about him.

The ambitious claim was just one of many strange admissions according to a survey by careerbuilder.co.uk.

According to the report, one candidate said he was experienced as a Master Of Time And Universe while another listed the Vikings as his direct descendants.

Others took a more direct approach. One person simply listed their name and address and wrote underneath it: ‘I want a job.’

As redundancies loom for many employees in both the public and private sector, job applicants need to be more creative in their search, but adding the line ‘I’m not a gypsy’ to the CV as one candidate did is unlikely to pay off.

There has also been a rise in those advertising their skills by wearing sandwich boards asking for work. Earlier this month, a former company director carried a sandwich board around Devon after getting nowhere with written applications.

What’s the strangest claim you’ve heard about on a CV? What clever approach have you seen that has impressed you? Would you interview someone advertising with a sandwich board? Tell us in the comments, and don’t worry, you can keep it anonymous if you want…