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The Networking Area provides you with an opportunity to create your own specific networking groups. Members can create a group and invite other members to join which will allow you to discuss specific areas of interest in an open forum.

Examples of Networking Groups include:

A place to share ideas:

If you’re new to the networks, this is the best place to start.

Introduce yourself to the rest of the online community, ask for advice, or just get something off your chest.

And of course, if there’s a topic you really want to delve into in detail, you can set up a dedicated network like the ones further down the list.

Changing Pension Provision

A hot topic for all employers with DB schemes and other provisions. Interested in exploring what other employers are facing, how they are tackling the problems faced and what soslutions are emerging
Created by: Nick Hawley

Corporate Universities

There are a number of innovations taking place in the application of this business development concept.Network members are welcome to share past experience and new perspectives on its role with reference to future dsigns and best practices. Some case work available.

Created by: Richard Dealtry

Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement – how organisations are using engagement as key driver of business performance
Created by: David Littlechild

Employment in Moscow

Has anyone had experience of transferring employees to Moscow? What cost of living differential have you used? Have you had to pay a significant salary premium and if so what percentage?

Florence Agyei

Reward and Recognition Interested in innovative approaches to reward and recognition schemes in a downturn. Looking for creative ideas to motivate and inspire staff without breaking the bank. Please join in our discussion. Thank you
Created by: Florence Agyei, MSc. (strategic HRM), LL.M chartered FCIPD

Graduate and MBA Recruitment

This network is for anybody interested or involved in management MBA and or Graduate Recruitment (UK or Globally)

How do you want to Relight the HR Fire?

With just over one week to go we want to know what key issues you would like to discuss within the Talent Cafe workshop – let us know your thoughts and we can get this built into the workshop with Sarah.


This network is for senior HR professionals that have an interest in aligning HR with business objectives and can share ideas and experiences of how they operate within the business, where they have implemented strategic HR decisions that have made a bottom line contribution to the business, and to throw up ideas for where HR is heading in the future – where do we begin?
Created by: Glen Kieran

HR in the Food & Beverage Industry

A network for all HR professionals working in the Food and Beverage sector. A network to discuss common issues and promote great ideas.
Created by: Nadine Maggi

HR Thought Leadership

A network for HR professionals who wish to debate the future of HR and People Management. Example areas of focus include the HR function of the future, HR analytics (proving the value of people interventions) and dealing with change (political, environmental etc).

International HR

a forum for sharing ideas, challenges and best practice of dealing with global organisations – from practical issues such as language barriers and time differences, to how to create meaningful cultures and values in a globally dispersed organisation
Created by: Inji Duducu

North West Network

Anyone interested in forming a group for the Liverpool-Manchester axis? My particular interests are leadership development and executive coaching, but happy to extend the brief more generally. Jackie Alexander
Created by: Jackie Alexander

Olympic Legacy & Sustainability 2012

Loooking for inspiarational ideas for ways to help develop our Olympic 2012 legacy. Is anyone developing employer/employee programmes at all which will tap into the 2012 event!

Shared Service Operations – where to now?

I’m looking to build a network hub of information flows relating to share service operations – locations, resource structures & competences, propositions, best in class benchmarking, future visions and general relationship building of HR professionals within this arena.
Created by: James Hanson

Talent Management & Career development

I am putting together a proposal for maximising performance and bringing the best out from my line managers. the aim of this proposal is also to launch a career mapping project which would help succession planning i.e developing potential managers/supervisors and then placing them as fully groomed managers. Please help me conduct a through research and launch this for the new year. ANY IDEAS?