How to be a good boss in bad times


Recessions have phases. Decline is followed by early recovery, late recovery and a return to growth. Management does not always modify its methodology to match the different challenges of each phase even though the psychology of those in charge of businesses is inevitably different for each one. The phase of decline in this recession has ended, although we may yet ...

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Royal Mail and CWU talks continue


Royal Mail and CWU continue their talks at the TUC’s headquarters to resolve the staffing dispute. Chaired by TUC general secretary Brendan Barber, the negotiations involve deputy general secretary of CWU Dave Ward and managing director of Royal Mail letters Mark Higson. The key issues that will be discussed include job security of Royal Mail employees, quality and sustainability of ...

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Government review to call for apprenticeship shake-up


The Telegraph reports The apprenticeship system is blighted by a host of image, access and quality problems that present a “huge challenge” to encouraging more small companies to take on young trainees, according to the author of a Government review to be published next month. Jason Holt, a jewellery entrepreneur, said apprenticeship training providers, who are supposed to link employers ...

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TUC calls for employers to pay apprentices a minimum wage


Employers may soon be required to pay all apprentices an age-based hourly wage, according to a proposal by the TUC. In a submission to the Low Pay Commission (LPC), the TUC suggests three age-based rates with a discount of 10 to 15 per cent from the existing national minimum wage. At present, those under the age of 19 and older ...

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More job cuts and pay freezes on way, study shows


Half of businesses intend to freeze pay and a fifth cut jobs in the year ahead as eurozone woes blight confidence, new research shows. Stagnant growth in the economy and two consecutive quarterly falls in GDP has led to employers cutting back their hiring plans, with 19pc likely to make staff redundant in the next 12 months and further 20pc ...

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Product Profile: Smart use of smartphone apps


In a modern world where people crave data, content and information on demand, employee surveys – the ever-faithful and effective HR tool – increasingly struggle to keep pace with managers and the senior management team’s appetite for real-time employee engagement data. Gone are the days of the annual staff survey which gave a yearly temperature check on the organisation’s health. ...

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Asia about to overtake Europe in effective leadership?


Just heading into London Heathrow after flying over 18,000 miles last 10 days to Asia and around region speaking on and running masterclases on entrepreneurial leadership – which they love and which most UK and European organisations seem to be totally disinterested in. The standard of education in many Asian countries now exceeds that in UK. Even Government departments in ...

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Women in UK engineering jobs ‘worryingly low’


The number of women in UK engineering jobs is worryingly low, at just 6pc, new research shows. Louisa Peacock talks to Laurie-Ann Benner, one of two women at her company, on what it’s like to be outnumbered. Surrounded at work by men all day, every day – without any female colleagues in sight – could be a gruelling thought for ...

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