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Product Profile: Smart use of smartphone apps


In a modern world where people crave data, content and information on demand, employee surveys – the ever-faithful and effective HR tool – increasingly struggle to keep pace with managers and the senior management team’s appetite for real-time employee engagement data.

Gone are the days of the annual staff survey which gave a yearly temperature check on the organisation’s health. In the tempestuous business environment we all now operate in there is a real and practical need for current data, not just historical reports. Recent research carried out by a number of academics, notably professors Bakker and Sonnentag, has shown that work engagement is a manifestation of employees’ psychological state, which is not fixed but ebbs and flows constantly. Rear-view methods are unlikely to provide reliable measures of engagement for that reason. Real time information is therefore required if managers and leaders are to respond appropriately.

While there’s no doubt there will always be a place for traditional in-depth surveys, many HR practitioners could benefit from a tool that would complement their existing methods by monitoring and managing engagement day-to-day, hour by hour, particularly during times of acquisition and merger. Too good to be true? It seems not.

EngageMe is just such a product. Hot out of its testing phase, it allows data to be collected from individual’s smartphone, tablet or PC and provides them, and their managers, with real-time feedback.

The new app works by simply asking employees how they feel, with the results presented as graphic representations of engagement levels immediately to both the employee and their manager. All data remains anonymous but can be broken down by various criteria. Managers can then monitor patterns of engagement within their team and act on recurrent themes. Additionally the tool not only provides managers with instant access to feedback from their own teams, but also allows the senior management team to have an instant overview of engagement across the organisation in real-time.

Chris McGivern, Director, Employee Feedback told HR Business Network, “We developed EngageMe to help organisations understand the reasons behind these natural ebb and flows. The tool is built around extensively investigated and verified indicators of engagement and early testing of the product has been very encouraging. Where necessary, the tool will allow managers and the senior management team to see the impact of actions and events and allow them to respond accordingly.”

The product has recently completed a test phase with Nalco, a global energy company. Pascal Gaucher, Sales Manager, France Italy Africa, Nalco comments “EngageMe allows me to run a fast and punchy survey – I can find out within minutes how my remote sales team is feeling, and if I begin to see negative patterns or regular trends, then I know that there are issues I need to address and what to do to counteract them.”

Scalable to 10 people or 10,000 people or more, EngageMe is the only tool available to measure employee engagement in real-time.